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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A very famous raag, said to be created by the celebrated Mian Tansen. Darbari belongs to the Asavari thath, its Vadi is Re and Samvadi is Pa. Ga is weak in ascent and Dha is avoided in the descent. It is sung mostly in the lower and middle octaves. Its time of performance is late night usually during midnight. The speciality of the raag is that Ga and Dha are performed with "Andolan", in a way which seems that the notes are gliding.

Ascent. Ni Sa Re Ga (flat) Re Sa Ma Pa Dha (flat) Ni (flat) SaDescent. Sa Dha (flat) Ni (flat) Pa Ma Pa Ga (flat) Ma Re Sa.
Vaadi. ReSamvadi. Pa
Chalan. Re Sa re ni sa re dha ni pa Dha ni Sa Re sa re ni sa re- ga-ga ma re- Sa ni Sa re- dha ni-pa-ni pa-dha-ni saPakar. Sa dha ni pa- ma pa- dha ni- re sa ga.

Click to hear Ustad Umeed Ali Khan performing Darbari.

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